A restaurant in a village in the French Corrèze for sale

At the center of France, in the middle of a lovely little village somewhere inbetween Limoges and Brive, there’s a restaurant known and loved throughout the region for many years. It is located in a house typical of the region dating from the beginning of the previous century.

And it’s for sale.

After taking the exit off highway 20, you can be there in about twelve minutes. On the winding route through the woods you will pass through a village with amenities such as a bakery, post office, supermarket and a Bar Tabac. You drive on for a few more minutes and you pass a beautiful lake and a small river. The countries hight differences now become a bit bigger as you drive further through the rolling landscape past the worldwide known Limousin cows in green meadows interspersed with extensive forests and the occasional characteristic farm.

Then, pointing to the left, there’s a road sign with the name of your destination on it. In between two houses you drive into a somewhat narrower road and you have to go a bit into the verge for an oncoming vehicle which driver thanks you kindly for your gesture. After a few hundred meters more the road goes up again and after the bend you drive into the village. Turn right again and park in front of your destination.

And you’re not alone: ​​it’s busy for lunch on this sun-filled weekday. After a few other guests have been warmly welcomed by the owner, she turns to you.



Upon entering the cozy restaurant, you immediately notice the large hanging fireplace and how spacious the restaurant is. You will soon see 16 place settings, but there is clearly room for some more chairs. You will also see a beautiful retro wine cooler with two old scales and a large bunch of wild flowers on it. A large wooden cupboard stands opposite the simple bar.

In the doorway of the kitchen, next to the bar, the Chef is chatting with a French couple. In a glimpse you see the stainless steel of a refrigerated workbench with a wooden box of vegetables on it, which clearly come from their own vegetable garden.

Because the hostess is still busy with the aperitif of the other guests, the Patron-cuisinier will surely take you outside.

A number of tables covered with red and white checkered tablecloths are waiting under trees. There is still one free so it will be for you. A large parasol provides some much needed shade in the lush green garden. With a clear Dutch accent you can hear the guests discussing the menu with the hostess a little further on: homemade Tête de veau and pâté de foie gras, steak tartare, clafoutis… We are in France.

After lunch, when the other guests have left, the chef and hostess come to the table. Since you’re not just there for the food, but may become the new owners, they’ll take you on a tour.

The tour

Since we are already outside, we start with the garden.

The terrain

We pass through a gate at the back of the terrace and  into the vegetable garden. Curious about the garden and vegetable garden? Request a login!

The small cottage

The separate cottage, on the other side of the garden, is in need of a makeover but could serve as a chambre d’hòtes. At the moment it is mainly used for storage.

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We walk back inside and start upstairs.


The apartment of approximately 60m2 located above the restaurant, has a spacious living room with mezzanine, a bedroom and a spacious bathroom. Detailed description? Go to the contact form.

We walk down again and go into the kitchen.

Restaurant and kitchen

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The region

The region is characterized by the green hills with Limousin cows (which are outside in small herds all year round) in the meadows located between the forests and winding roads to beautiful villages and the many small farms and producers of “Produits de ferme”. The Clafoutis, a dessert cake based on black cherries topped with a light dough, comes from the region and the Creusois, a hazelnut cake, also originates here.

It is one of the greenest parts of France with many lakes and rivers. The Corrèze department is located in the  Limousin region in the Nouvelle-Aquitaine, just next to and above the Dordogne. Many villages and castles are worth a visit, but it’s alse known for it’s nature reserves and water sports spots.

In the immediate vicinity there is the possibility for swimming, fishing and canoeing and, for example, horseback riding. The region is also ideal for walking and cycling or for touring the many interesting cities such as Limoges, Brive and Périgueux.



The company is ready to move in and has been thriving for years. The sale includes all restaurant furniture and other catering hardware and is therefore ready for the new entrepreneurs. There are still possibilities to expand the operation with more place seats. But especially the possibility to start a chambre d’hotes is a big plus. The extra house would be very suitable for this (depending on permit).

Great opportunity to make the dream come true as an entrepreneur (couple) in the middle of France. Serene place for a carefree life with lots of peace and space and yet close to all necessary and pleasant amenities.

Open for lunch and dinner Wednesday till Saturday, lunch as well on Sundays. Furthermore, the restaurant is closed during the Christmas period, most of January and for another 3 to 4 weeks during the rest of the year. In addition to the French, the guests are mainly Dutch, Belgian and English living or on holiday in the region.

Behind the restaurant we find a spacious closed kitchen and rinsing kitchen and a toilet suitable for the disabled that, like the restaurant, meets French standards in this area.

Nearby suppliers of all kinds of (regional) products, but also large suppliers specialized in catering. Limousine cows, cheeses, fois grass


For sale


    • Asingk price real estate and business inventory €200,000 excluding notary fees and taxes
    • Information on the risks to which this property is exposed is available on the Georisques website: www.georisques.gouv.fr
    • No broker. Acquisition is not appreciated
    • Terrain of approximately 3500m2 (almost an acre)
    • Garden, terrace, vegetable garden, fruit trees
    • Operation under Permis d’exploitation license 4
    • Apartment with mezzanine, bedroom, large bathroom. Total approximately 60m2
    • Cottage of approximately 70m2 over two floors, currently additional storage
    • Heating by, next to the fireplaces, gas from tank
    • Electricity and water “de Ville”
    • Sewerage, septic tank and grease trap. Everything on standard
    • Electricity is new, except small house.
    • Fiber optic internet connection possible
    • DPE made in 2015. Being renewed
    • Back then: Energy class D, GES: E


Photos January 2022

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